Community Gardening 101

What is a community garden?

  • A community garden is a shared garden that brings neighborhoods, communities or those with shared interest together with the goal of growing produce together. Community Gardens can be found in a variety of locations including urban plots, apartment complexes or within schools. Regardless of where the garden is found, enriching experiences and learning are sure to follow.

What does it take to start a community garden?

  • Start with some goals.
    • Determine if the goal is education, service or even building community.
  • Locate a Space.
    • Before starting a community garden, check to see if there is an established garden in your area.
  • Determine what kind of gardening is best for your space and goals.
    • Consider the pros and cons of raised bed gardens, in ground gardens, or smaller container gardens.
  • Get Organized
    • Organize and interest meeting and work with involved parties to determine the method of gardening and the plot of style.

What do I need to know before planting?

  • How will we move forward?
    • A community garden requires weeks of hard work and consistency. It is best when a plan of work or timeline is established prior to starting the gardening.
  • How do we sustain the garden?
    • Establish a plan for watering, weeding, and harvesting through the growing season.

What educational resources are available?

  • Soil testing
    • A soil test can be used to analyze the quality and contents of your soil. A testing kit can be picked up at your local Extension office and sent to our labs for processing.
  • Determine what to plant
    • Consider the time of year and type of produce you would like to plant. Soil test results can be used to help make this decision.
  • Identify educational opportunities
    • Extension personnel and volunteer Master Gardeners can provide educational lessons, guest speakers,
  • Get organized
    • Organize an interest meeting and work with involved parties to determine the method of gardening and the plot style.
  • Who can I call or email to get information and best practices information?
    • Call or email Dan Harrell he is our school and community gardens agent who can answer questions and walk you though the process. 
    • 1417 Murfreesboro Pike Nashville, TN 37217
    • 615 862-5995
  • Enjoy your hard work!

To learn more about Community Gardening check out this video by Dan Harrell.